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My second winner in the giveaway, weirdfolio, requested his human guardian Comar as an avatar looking mischievous. My lodge keeper said she really scratched her head about trying to make that look happen and she begs Weird’s forgiveness if she missed the mark.

The second avatar is a bonus. Weird asked if my lodge keeper and I would pass the prize to his friend Kraami in order to cheer her up. Well, by Raven I am very much about cheering up friends in need — especially when its the demons of the internet who have them down. And so we decided to draw two avatars. I am very much a fan of Kraami’s own artwork and hope that she finds a smile in having a tiny portrait drawn for her. Know that your friend Weird cares very much about making that happen.

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    My most profound thanks to you and your Lodge keeper Mrs. Wrenchand. You both prove that the Norn’s heart is even bigger...
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    I like this idea!! You’re so awesome, Azuhra. X) Also wonderful art as always~
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    Drama just makes people unhappy. How about we all sit down and draw something for someone else tonight? Call it a...
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