I am Elsibeth Wrenchand. Welcome friends and observeres as I journal about my legend, norn, the engineer profession, and Guild Wars 2.

If you have some thing to ask of me, feel free!

As for that question about what pistol I could use that would match Quip - by Raven I do believe I’ve found the solution! Quip matches Quip just fine!

By Raven, I’m feeling a might more top heavy than usual this day!

I’ve had more than enough of turrets, bombs, elixirs, grenades, wrenches, and especially pistols! From here on I now change my profession to Mesmer. By Raven, these light armor mini skirts were made for me!


And a very Happy April Fool’s Day to all of my fellow Tyrians.


At some point I told myself to not use up all my character slots. Then at 12:30 in the night my brain goes: “But Heather…..norn.”

and thus Toby was born

I love my norn

I feel like I should take this lad, set him on my knee, and spin yarns for him of norn of old!

Har! I bring the color to any moot I may go to now! And the noisemaker. There are those that are less thrilled with the latter, however.


Braham and Taimi in The Battle For Lion’s Arch: Aftermath

By Raven, Braham you look so very depressed here! If the child fails to brighten your day, do come find me. I’ve a chocolate box and a romantic dinner waiting just for you.


New hair! Lookin cute, feelin cute.

Very nice! I for one always recommend braids.

Why is it Lord Farren gets hugs from Hug Quaggan and I get this un-armed fellow? Why?!?


Uni work is all done, so now for some quick, shirtless Braham in the morning tbh

I approve!


"The worst thing one can face in battle is an enemy who has a name, has a face, and once had a place in your heart."

~Elsibeth Wrenchand

*Comic featuring Elsi’s friend, my human necromancer Elraan Bloodborn. 

Is it cowardice or something else that makes me avoid battles with aetherblade? Bring on the krait, the dredge, the charr, the rotten sylvari! I will fight them all. It worries me though, who is it I’m burning up behind that aetherblade armor? What friend, what cousin, what sister?

One Norn, Two Pistols
Two Pistols
Guild Wars 2