Elsibeth Wrenchand, norn engineer at your service. Happy to talk of all things norn and engineering!


Just giving Phlunt the welcome he deserves.

I find I’m not a very big fan of this asura. It was only fitting I show him my bombs.


Kiera ran CM tonight with snowden-lodge and crucibleofeternity. I guess when you’re a professional thief leading the way there is time for a nap or two. nornengineer even brought us a pillow.


That was a comfortable pillow. By Raven, the design is hideous, but it kept a warm fluffy weight in my hands throughout our walking tour of Caudecus.

All though, I seem to have missed it when I laid down…

Braham, my young charge, I’ve been trying so very hard to be good these last few days. Why are you doing this to me?

Taimi, do you honestly think I would do that to you?


A Norn needs a break…

One must have the time to quench one’s thirst!


Here is the portrait of Elsibeth, Snowden-Lodge won with my art giveaway. Both the colored and black and white version. I hope you like it! :3

Why this is such a lovely portrait! Your art skills rival that of Eir. Oh but where to hand them in the lodge?


Keep calm Braham, we will smash some heads I promise you. XD Todays drawing: Braham Eirsson and his awesome plans ;)

The first sounded lovely too….


Norn gaming problems..

Also effective with Raven.




caw caw

My new norn necromancer

Your raven form looks as though it has nothing to hunt!

One Norn, Two Pistols
Two Pistols
Guild Wars 2