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So if one norn in an ugly sweater is good (and it is, as proven by thisgolddolyakuniderp4203krewezero, and probably others I’ve missed) I came to the obvious conclusion that two norn in an ugly sweater would be better.

Right? Right!?!

Hah. Elsibeth and very little sister Lizzy, back when they got along :3

I can’t even say I’m embarrassed. I thought for certain my lodgekeeper would humiliate me with this ugly sweater business. This, however, just brings back fond memories.

Tyria Sweaters!


It’s no secret that a norns core body temperature is significantly higher than the other races. If you also take into account being a fire elementalist it’s easy to understand just why Ryka disproved of this entire experience.


Even a deep snow bank couldn’t really cool her down in such garb. “Can I take it off now?” she keeps asking.

I’ll get the rest of the Krewe’s opinion when they stop laughing enough to actually speak.

by-ogdens-hammer I hope you’re pleased with the horror you have wrought! :P

On a side note, my scanner seems to despise colored pencil and completely ignored 80% of the color. There’s supposed to be a dense fog of steam surrounding her. I’m not really used to drawing people though, and being a bit drunk probably didn’t help that. XD

By Raven, I am impressed anyone got this young hot head wrestled into a sweater at all! She seems a little displeased.

If the fire within truly comes from below, I might suggest sitting in that snow bank. It looks as though you wear naught beneath that sweater anyhow!

In our last hour, we heard the voices of four Spirits of the Wild: Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, Wolf.




Hey there! I decided to do a pinup with my Norn babies~
So, here they are:

My two thieves, Skador and Samson.

My two guardians and my warrior, Halvor, Corben and Ruven.

My mesmer, Tjorvi.

I love them so much <3

Reblogging for the evening folks :I

I am pleased by how many of you seem to like my norny fellas~
Thanks for all your love for them! :’3

Forgot to ask: Which one do you like best? 8D

The last one. Sweet Dwayna, I wish he was real.

Ah, look at this lovely group of young men! I think mayhaps you should have labeled this post, “Potential Mates.”

Generally speaking, I’m a pistols kind of norn. Even so, I’m willing to make some, ah, exceptions to that rule.

Do you suppose next year someone will gift me with a backpack full of ale to go with this cake-shooting rifle?


Meet Morrigan Kyrsgaard. My new alcoholic of a pyromaniac engineer.


Always happy to welcome a new norn engineer to the ranks!


Just giving Phlunt the welcome he deserves.

I find I’m not a very big fan of this asura. It was only fitting I show him my bombs.


Kiera ran CM tonight with snowden-lodge and crucibleofeternity. I guess when you’re a professional thief leading the way there is time for a nap or two. nornengineer even brought us a pillow.


That was a comfortable pillow. By Raven, the design is hideous, but it kept a warm fluffy weight in my hands throughout our walking tour of Caudecus.

All though, I seem to have missed it when I laid down…

Braham, my young charge, I’ve been trying so very hard to be good these last few days. Why are you doing this to me?

One Norn, Two Pistols
Two Pistols
Guild Wars 2